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What Story Is Your Data Trying To Tell You?

Let Your Data Do The Talking.

What decisions will you make to ensure success? Always be in the know of how your data is performing with backing from eqDashboard. Make sensible business decisions using predictive analytics & historical data trends to guarantee your business’ success.

Ensure that YOU are driving the data by projecting imminent shifts & executing the correct calls to gain ground with your business. Be certain that your data tells you the stories that you want to hear with support from eqDashboard.

But Wait, There’s More!

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From Frank’s Desk

With the New Year quickly moving upon us, Frank took time to ponder the new year and his thoughts concerning 2020; his reflection is below: 

“We don’t need New Year resolutions…

 We need 2020 to bring us all more humor, laughter and a lot less anger, hate and intolerance.  We need to find humor in ourselves and with others.  We need to make ourselves and others laugh and not take life quite so seriously.  Our personal, health and business lives will all be better when we give or openly receive the gift of humor.  There are so many things to accomplish in the upcoming year.  We need to reach beyond taking a deep breath between the stress and challenges surely coming our way.  We need to laugh……….

“Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life.” — Alan Simpson” -Frank A. Morrisroe

People As A Solution

When we think of a solution we often think of a machine or artificial intelligence. However, a solution doesn’t always have to be a “robot” so to speak. A solution can go far beyond a product or software. Solutions can, in fact, be people & here at Equiant we have the best people! Our people will go above and beyond to ensure all of your demands are met; to exceed your every expectation. What solution could possibly be better than that?!

ALL of our products are developed with you in mind! Our people are continually searching for new & better ways to enhance our products and make our processes more efficient to create the best client experience. Pictured above is our Software Development team’s sprint which is discussed in daily meetings to ensure tasks and projects are successful and efficient.

Our people care! Not only do our people care about our solutions and especially our clients, but they also care about our community and numerous charitable causes. Pictured above is our Breast Cancer Awareness Walk hosted by Equiant which took place on Halloween this year! All proceeds were donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Equiant was able to raise $460 in the fight against breast cancer!

Our people create long-lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust and sincerity. Our people provide outstanding value & excellent client experience. Pictured above is Peter Moody, Chief Business Development Officer, at the Royal Dornoch Golf in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland with clients and colleagues. 

Although people may not be the first thought that comes to mind when considering solutions, however, people are the very best solution. People are capable of emotion, groupthink, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. This all drives innovative ideas, products, and services but also more efficient processes. Your most valuable resource is your people, and they will always be the best solution! 

Company Updates

Equiant is partnering with “Save The Families Foundation of Arizona” to host a Christmas Drive for those in need this holiday season. It is easy to forget during the holidays that those who are less fortunate have needs for even the simplest of necessities, such as cleaning supplies, shampoo, personal hygiene products, etc. Equiant’s Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments, and on each ornament, there is an item or items listed that will go to help needy families. Equiant is encouraging all team members to help lessen our community’s needs this Holiday season by selecting an ornament from the tree and purchasing the item on their individual ornament. We are so proud of our #eqTeam and their commitment to serving our community!

Tech Updates

12.5.2019 Release Notes:
 Updated BITS report so that numbers will export in the proper format (numeric) when exported to excel.

Equiant Staff 

Per each blog post, we will be featuring a member of our fantastic Equiant staff to learn more about their role at Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience for our clients.

  1. Name/Department: Eric Corn/Business Applications

  2. How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? My function supports Equiant’s day-to-day operations by managing and maintaining all business applications so that processes can be carried out efficiently. 

  3. How do you support Equiant’s clients day-to-day? I support Equiant’s clients day-to-day by ensuring all business applications are running successfully so all employees can carry out their jobs successfully. 

  4. Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? My favorite memory to date at Equiant was the spring BBQ (I love cornhole!) and Breast Cancer Awareness walk on Halloween.

12/20 – Free Music Series in Downtown Chandler
12/21 – Shopping with Santa Boutique & Craft Show
12/22 – The Spirit of Christmas

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