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Our extensive backup servicing programs support originators, investors, lenders, and trustees. With features including data storage all the way to push-button instant active primary servicing.

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Level 5 Leadership

This blog section will be a continuation of our “Good to Great” by Jim Collins series keeping our focus specifically on the concept of “Level 5 Leadership”: To make an undeniable presence within the marketplace, businesses require exceptional people to guide the way. These people are referred to as “Level 5” Leaders, they embody a distinct amalgam of executive abilities that ensure their company succeeds and also reaches new heights. The mainstream view of leadership is associated with popularity, status, visibility, & a “larger than life” demeanor. Level 5 Leadership takes an alternative and almost opposing approach to this conventional view.

Jim Collins and his research team were examining the characteristics that took a company from good to great. It was in this examination that they found the Level 5 leaders who were consistently directing the processes of all the companies that later went on to become great in their respective industries. Collins describes Level 5 leaders as individuals who are nurturing, who want the very best for the business. Level 5 leaders treat people, like people. They do this not for their personal gain or praise: but so that the business will succeed long after they are gone.

Level 5 leaders are modest & humble and also bold & brave, they possess the ability to convert a business from good to great without depicting themselves as the superhero who often “saves the day”. Level 5 leaders prefer to speak about the successes of their colleagues or the business as opposed to their own personal achievements. Level 5 leadership places a focus on simplicity in connection with high-level thinking, while emphasizing personal humility. The financial successes achieved by Level 5 leaders have proven that these characteristics can create tangible successes as well.

The Level 5 Hierarchy:

  1. Level 1: Highly Capable Individual – Make high-quality contributions, possess useful knowledge, have the correct talent and skill-set to do a great job.
  2. Level 2: Contributing Team Member – Use your knowledge & skill-set to help your team succeed, work effectively, work productively, work successfully with your team.
  3. Level 3: Competent Manager – Ability to organize a group effectively & accomplish goals/objectives.
  4. Level 4: Effective Leader – Motivate a department/organization to meet performance objectives & achieve a greater vision.
  5. Level 5: Level 5 Executive -You possess all abilities of all four other levels along with the unique characteristic of humility.

Many people possess the same question, can Level 5 leadership be learned? And if so, how? Jim Collins says it is too farfetched of a concept to give a simple yes or no answer to this question. However, he identifies two categories of people:

  1. Ones who have level 5 leadership within them
  2. Ones who do not have level 5 leadership within them

Therefore leaders who cannot look beyond their own personal gain & fame can hardly ever become a Level 5 leader. It is only when a leader is able to put the larger successes of the company and/or others first, that they can excel to the next level. Some ways to do this are: develop humility, ask for help, take responsibility, develop discipline, lead with passion, and find the right people. Level 5 leaders are few and far to come by, & those who display Level 5 leadership are certainly a step above the rest.


From Franks Desk

This past week Frank reflected on Veterans Day, his thoughts regarding Veterans Day and what the day means to him are below:

“This time of year, seasons change from summer to fall, from cooking on barbeques to sitting at the fireplace. We’ll speed past Halloween and quickly focus our thoughts on Thanksgiving.  But as a Marine Corps veteran, I will take time to pause and be thankful before Thanksgiving.  November 11, 2019 is Veteran’s Day, a United States federal holiday observed annually to honor and remember all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.  It’s easy to forget and we all sometimes take for granted the freedoms we enjoy every day of our lives.  On November 11, we are not Democrats, Republicans; we aren’t black, white or brown.  We are all proud Americans before we are anything else.  We can agree or disagree on anything; that is our freedom.  So please take a moment on Veteran’s Day to remember those who gave us that freedom. We are all here doing what we do now because of the brave men and women who sacrificed and many who sacrificed their lives. I will always remember.  God bless America…” – Frank Morrisroe 

Company Updates

As part of the Contact Center’s new hire program, all new hires conduct a service project at the end of their first week. Below are the two most recent service projects conducted by new hires this month:

October 18, 2019 – Equiant’s newest teammates in the Contact Center volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank on Friday, October 18. They helped cut, organize, and bag vegetables to prepare for distribution.

October 30, 2019 – Equiant’s newest teammates in the Contact Center volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank on Friday, October 30. The team packed up boxes of food, packed the boxes into shopping carts, and used the shopping carts to distribute the boxes to recipients’ cars.

We are so proud of our awesome Equiant teammates and their dedication to serving our community!

As Equiant employees we are not only passionate about servicing our clients, we are also compassionate for each other. We have each other’s backs and work collaboratively to get tasks done efficiently and effectively. Beyond the work environment, we all have unique interests, hobbies, and special skills of our own. Keep reading to get to know some new additions to the Equiant family!

New Faces:

  • Christine Stricklin – “I was born and spent most of my childhood in Southern California.  I’m a Navy brat so I was also lucky enough to live in Hawaii…. twice.  I’ve lived in Arizona for 23 years which is also how long I have been working in the Accounting field.  I’m very happily married with 2 children (boys age 9 & 16).  While most of my time is spent working or doing family activities, I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, singing a little karaoke or watching football.  I am a huge Denver Broncos fan”
  • Nathan Whipple – Nathan was born and raised in Arizona. He has previously worked in management for contact centers with a focus on Tech Support, Finance (Mortgage and Merchant Services), as well as Client Relations. In his spare time, he enjoys aerial photography and racing drones. He is passionate about his 15 dogs & 4 cats, all of which are rescues. He has a chihuahua, dachshunds, a golden doodle, and Wheaton Terriers, amongst other breeds. Nathan is starting a cybersecurity program soon that he is very excited about!
  • Jesse Gossenbacher – “I am a Phoenix native, born and raised in the Moon Valley area (Northeast Phoenix). My past work experience is in higher education and healthcare, and I was most recently employed at a small oncology research company. I enjoy traveling, especially when it involves experiencing a new country or culture. My favorite pastime is listening to music and I try to attend as many live shows as I can. I also have a pet chicken (don’t tell my HOA); she just turned ten years old!”
  • Paul Hemmes – Paul was born in Staten Island, he has lived in New Jersey, Indiana, and Chicago before moving to Phoenix. Paul lived for nine months as a boy (1978) in the former Soviet Union when his father (a Rutgers University Chemistry Professor) was sent over as part of an intellectual exchange Between President Carter and Soviet Premier Brezhnev. He has worked in Software development in a variety of roles for the last 10 years. Paul has also been an amateur Herpetologist (Study of reptiles) for the last 15 years. He currently owns 7 Bearded Dragons, a Saharan Uromastyx, an African Sulcata Tortoise and a Red-Eared Slider (Turtle) as pets. He is married and has one son who is studying biochemical engineering at ASU. Paul has experience in live audio engineering (Mainly for live bands in and around Chicago) & has been producing independent films for the last 15 years, including two in post-production for release early next year!

Equiant Staff

Per each blog post, we will be featuring a member of our fantastic Equiant staff to learn more about their role at Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience for our clients.

  1. Name/Department: Claudia Baum/Human Resources

  2. How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? I support Equiant’s day to day operations by making sure the employees have a clean and stocked breakroom and kitchen, and that our office is organized and we have the supplies we need. I process mail for each department and assist with administrative tasks. I also provide assistance with scheduling interviews and preparing an organized schedule for guests that visit us.

  3. How do you support Equiant’s clients day-to-day? I assist Equiant’s clients by making sure their correspondence is processed and delivered in a timely manner. I also assist anyone who calls or comes into our office.

  4. Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? My favorite memory is when my great boss invited me to lunch at Cheddar’s, the food was delicious!



11/01 – Dia de Los Muertos Event- City of Chandler

11/02 – 2019 Arizona Fall Fest

11/03 – 2019 Walk For Wishes at the Phoenix ZOO!

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