The Flywheel

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The Flywheel 

This blog post will be a continuation of our “Good to Great” by Jim Collins series keeping our focus specifically on The FlyWheel effect. It is a common misconception that a good-to-great transfer happened in one fell swoop. However, this is not possible; a company cannot such a remarkable transformation overnight. Instead, this transformation entails relentlessly pushing a large, heavy flywheel. Turn by turn, a company must build and fuel the momentum. This will eventually lead to a point of breakthrough. This breakthrough is what takes a company from good, to great.

Imagine, a massive metal flywheel with Brobdingnagian properties, the flywheel weighs around 5,000lbs and is 30ft in diameter & 2ft thick. You are tasked with rotating the flywheel along the axel as long and fast as possible. When you begin to first try and turn the flywheel, it barely budges. You put all of your efforts and strength into pushing the flywheel as hard as you can, it finally moves an inch. For the next two to three hours you keep pushing the flywheel with all your might; at first, the flywheel would only move inches at a time. As more momentum grew, the pushes became increasingly easier, soon the flywheel was moving feet and then yards at a time! BOOM! Finally-a breakthrough! The enormous flywheel has now built up enough momentum to turn time and time again even though your push efforts have remained constant. The flywheel is moving a mile a minute, it has enough momentum to travel miles on end. This is because the flywheel is now working with you, not against you. 

From a distance, someone sees your flywheel moving swiftly; they want their flywheel to move as fast as your flywheel. They walk over to you & ask: “What was the one big push that caused your flywheel to turn so fast?” There is no answer, you would never be able to pinpoint a single push that caused the moment of breakthrough. Was it the 22nd push? or the 38th push? There is no way to tell. This is because there was no singular push that caused the breakthrough, instead, it was a compilation of all your efforts working together as one

On the outside, transitions can appear to be flawless & simple; like a revolutionary breakthrough happened seamlessly overnight. However, transitions go much further beyond their surface-level appearance. There are many small continuous efforts that are put into an overall transition. From the inside, transitions feel completely different than they appear to others. They are an organic developmental process that created a miracle-moment breakthrough. 

From Frank’s Desk

This week Frank Morrisroe, President/CEO, & Peter Moody, Chief Business Development Officer, traveled to Napa for the annual Chairman’s Club presented by Interval International. The Chairman’s Club Award recognizes Interval International’s top membership-producing developer companies. As part of this prestigious program, Interval hosts an exclusive event to bring together these influential industry leaders in a unique setting. Equiant is a Platinum Sponsor at this phenomenally well-planned and efficiently executed event. 

Attendee List

Event Schedule

Company Updates

September 12, 2019 – Vacation SafeGuard, a fast-growing Loyalty Cash Back Program, has selected Equiant Financial Services to facilitate a new direct billing feature. “Due to the positioning of some of our client’s products, it was important to deliver an option to have Vacation SafeGuard collect payments directly from customers, and so we chose to have Equiant help us to facilitate this quickly and efficiently. Both our company and our clients are very comfortable knowing that Equiant is managing this large administrative task,” says Duane Lee, CEO, Vacation SafeGuard.

Read The Full Article Here

As Equiant employees we are not only passionate about servicing our clients, we are also compassionate for each other. We have each other’s backs and work collaboratively to get tasks done efficiently and effectively. Beyond the work environment, we all have unique interests, hobbies, and special skills of our own. Keep reading to get to know some new additions to the Equiant family!

New Faces:

  • Loran Vigil – Loran is originally from a small town known as Las Vegas, New Mexico. He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in March of 2015. His professional background entails more than 14 years in the Educational System & State of New Mexico, State Courts of New Mexico System, Corporate Legal, and Technical Services. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his fiancé, daughter (13 years), & son (17 months). He is passionate about watching sports of all kinds, as well as exercising, hiking, & mountain biking. Loran also enjoys a large selection of beer; from domestics to imports and craft!
  • Leonardo Mastri – Leonardo is originally from the Philippines, he left in 1991 when Mt Pinatubo (volcano) erupted. He relocated to the United States and called Connecticut home for half of his life, Arizona is now becoming the other half. In his free time Leonardo loves to play video games, he even made a VR game for his friend! He is also very passionate about anime and Cosplay at Cons. 
  • James Powers – “My name is Hopper and I like to party.I am an absolute geek and am super excited to join Equiant.  I think this is going to help Elon Musk finally notice me, which is the first step in us becoming best friends and then him adopting me.  I love traveling and adventuring and am most assuredly planning my next one.  I have been doing software development for some years now and thoroughly enjoy everything it entails, including the continual learning.  You can bet that I’m thinking about some new technology, discovery, or theory and am curious enough to chat about it.”


Tech Updates

Equiant Servicing Platform Update 09.05.2019:
Weekly/Biweekly Payment OptionsAdded capabilities to have Weekly/Biweekly payment options on Client Central
Allow Adding New Accounts Through API – Fix account validation checks when attempting to add new accounts through the API. This was previously disallowing all account additions through the API
Control Trial Balance column visibility via parameter – This will allow the Trial Balance and Custody On Hand reports to dynamically display report columns based on a parameter selection
Client Central Support Request Enhancement(s) – Remove message stating screenshot was automatic
Date of Birth Text Box Too Small (Client Central) – Width of the Date of Birth text box was increased, so the whole year is visible. The header says Modify Names and can be accessed through Contact Information -> Modify Names -> Click Show Personal Info.

Equiant Servicing Platform Update 09.12.2019:
The Campaign List Upload –
(Under administration in Client Central) will correctly assign the time zone for an account that does not have collection information already.
The Campaign Details Page – Will display the “Zip Code” column next to “TZ” and will populate with the zip code from the Account Details page if the state matches the state of the collection information that is tracked for the account.

Equiant Staff

Per each blog post, we will be featuring a member of our fantastic Equiant staff to learn more about their role at Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience for our clients.

  1. Name/Department: Jerrel Ellerby/Client Training Specialist

  2. How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? I assist with all of the client training. I get clients familiar with all of our products and services here at Equiant.

  3. How do you support Equiant’s clients day-to-day? I create all the training content and I facilitate training via webinars and on-site!

  4. Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? Becoming the training specialist, and the “Casino Night” holiday party in 2018.



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September 15 – Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Cincinnati Reds

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