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Confront The Brutal Facts

This blog section will be a continuation of our “Good to Great” by Jim Collins series keeping our focus specifically on the concept of “Confronting the Brutal Facts”. This is the final part of our “Good to Great” mini-series: In order to achieve success you must constantly redefine the route that you are going on by facing the brutal facts. It is useless to mislead yourself with false hopes because at the end of the day these false hopes will ultimately lead to your downfall. 

Leaders must build a culture within a business where anyone and everyone can express their concerns to upper management. Do not be a leader who uses force to impose fear within a team. Doing this will lead the team to become more worried about speaking their individual truths. They become fearful that if they do speak their truth they will, in turn, be punished for doing so. They will inevitably hide their concerns and this damages the company as a whole. 

One of the most destructive things that can be done to a team, is to not let them be heard. Allowing the team to voice their concerns, in turn, allows you to confront the brutal facts at hand. Additionally, it allows the employee to be heard by the organization. This allows them to voice their opinions and feel valued as a whole within the team. How does one create a culture where the truth can be heard? Follow the steps below:

  1. Lead with questions, not answers – Ask the appropriate questions to enable employees to assemble facts and make decisions based on those facts
  2. Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion – Build a culture where employees are engaged in heated discussions, this environment ensures everyone’s voice is heard
  3. Conduct autopsies, without blame – When a wrong decision is made, conduct autopsies based on fact and learning from mistakes, instead of blaming people
  4. Build “red flag” mechanisms – Do not ignore facts, have metrics with KPIs displayed all over the office at all times

The Stockdale paradox is named after Admiral James Stockdale, who was kept as a prisoner in the Vietnam war and suffered terribly for 8 years. The paradox is described that you must possess the confidence that you will see the bus through the storm. However, in doing so you must also take a good look at the harsh truth of the situation as well. As a leader, you must develop a culture where people are encouraged to bring up real issues with no fear. By facing these issues head first you destroy obstacles that are blocking you from taking your company from Good to Great!

From Frank’s Desk

November 27, 2019 – This past week Frank reflected on communication and how to master the art of communication. Below are Franks thoughts:

“Are you talking to me?

Mastering communication skills is an ongoing exercise that requires a lot of practice and a commitment to listening.  It also requires you to “understand” clearly what is relevant to the person or group you are communicating to…  If you don’t understand, then keep asking questions until you do. 

To communicate “up”

  • Focus on impact… This group wants you to address the questions relevant to them, not how you got there. Rather than how you reached a conclusion explain the impact.  The impact on client satisfaction, process improvement, revenue, cost savings.
  • Look forward to the future state… Show your understanding and desire looking forward not backward. Stay laser-focused on what comes next…
  • Know your subject matter… Don’t assume upper management has all the answers; they don’t. They believe they are building the “A-Team” and want this team to be a driving force and an integral part of the growth of the company.
  • Don’t bring up a problem without bringing up a potential solution or idea… Problems are obvious; innovative solutions, not so much. They are looking to you for creativity and a constructive attitude.
  • Get to the point… Start with the conclusion or solution, then explain why it’s the right one.

To communicate “down”

  • Be explicit… Be clear and make sure there is a clear understanding of what you are talking about. Don’t assume anything.
  • Even if your message has good intentions behind it, you can’t control how it was received. Follow up to verify that it was indeed heard as intended- if not, clarify what you meant.
  • Don’t forget the “small stuff”… Positive reassurance matters… A simple acknowledgment, a thank you or good job goes a long way.
  • Don’t forget to give feedback… Yeah, I hate that word too but if we don’t circle back and give each other feedback, we won’t know what is working and what isn’t.

To communicate “across”

  • Departments can become “silos”… departments (individuals) are part of a company (team) to succeed (win) we need all departments to work as a team, this starts with communication
  • Email is fast but the tone or subject matter can easily be misunderstood… There really is no better way to communicate than “face to face”.
  • Remember the “JFK rule”… “ask not what information other departments can deliver but what information you can deliver to other departments”
  • “No shooting inside the Fort”… competition is healthy; talking behind someone’s back, not so much … Direct communication between peers is critical especially when you disagree.
  • Commit to learning exactly what other departments do.” – Frank A. Morrisroe 

Company Updates

November 22, 2019 – On Friday, November 22, Kevin Plawecki, (Cleveland Indians Catcher), Peter Moody (Equiant CBDO), Frank Morrisroe (Equiant President/CEO), and Jason Knutzen (former European Tour golfer) attended the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Golf Tournament. Equiant was a sponsor for this tournament which supported Alannah (pictured) and the Hospital’s Hope Fund. This fund helps launch new critical programs, purchase essential equipment, conduct cutting edge research, and more!

November 26, 2019 –  Did you know 1 in 4 Kids in Arizona go to bed hungry? This Thanksgiving season Equiant hosted a food drive for United Food Bank. Equiant employees brought in canned goods and other acceptable items to help in the fight against hunger! On the last day of the food drive, Equiant handed out hand turkeys for employees to write what they are most thankful for this holiday season. The hand turkeys were then put on display in the break room for all to see! 

Equiant Staff

Per each blog post, we will be featuring a member of our fantastic Equiant staff to learn more about their role at Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience for our clients.

  1. Name/Department: Marc Nunes/Finance 

  2. How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? I manage the company’s accounting department. Additionally, I reconcile all bank accounts managed for our clients.

  3. How do you support Equiant’s clients day-to-day? I reconcile bank account along with sending clients capital based off of wire frequencies. 

  4. Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? My favorite memory is when I got my CPA license! 


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