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Technology Accelerators

Technology comes & goes, it is easy to get caught up in the latest technology simply to “keep up”, even if the most recent technology trend doesn’t present a value add to your company. It is crucial to filter through technology fads and carefully select the technology that aligns with achieving your Hedgehog Concept. React to new technology by first crawling, then walking, & finally, running. First crawl, test new technology & decide if it aligns well with your Hedgehog Concept. Then walk, find unprecedented ways to implement upcoming technology within the Hedgehog Concept. Finally run, implement the new technology & become an expert within your implementations. Great companies adapt through technological changes & when technology is used correctly it becomes an accelerator of momentum. 

As an organization, you cannot determine which technology is useful until you have your Hedgehog Concept clearly defined. From there, the technology you wish to utilize should align with it. If your technology does not align with your Hedgehog Concept, you run the risk of becoming an “ordinary user” or not neglecting the technology entirely. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the technology you currently have aligns correctly with your Hedgehog Concept, then you need to drive this technology to its most extensive capabilities & become a specialist within it. 

Sometimes it is not easy to overlook the excitement of new technology, it seems like something new is released every month in today’s day & age. This is where practicing discipline becomes essential. When analyzing great companies, Jim Collins found that more than 80% of great companies did not rank technology as a top five-factor for making a company great. This may come as a surprise because we so often hear that companies must get on the bandwaggon with the latest & greatest technology as it is thought to “make or break” their future successes. 

Collins later went on to discover that most companies’ main cause for failure was hardly ever due to lacking the latest & greatest technology. Vice versa technology alone will never take a company from good to great, or stop a tragedy from happening.  It is critical to recognize that if the technology does not align with your Hedgehog Concept then you should ignore it. If the opposite is true, embrace it to the fullest extent! Always remember that technology is an accelerator of momentum, not a producer of it.

From Frank’s Desk

November 11, 2019 – This Veteran’s Day, Frank shared a short story company-wide to read & reflect on. Click the link below labeled “Each Year I Am Hired To Go To Washington” to read the short story Frank shared with Equiant! “God Bless the USA………” – Frank A. Morrisroe

Each Year I am Hired To Go To Washington

November 13-15, 2019 – This week Frank Morrisroe, CEO/President, & Peter Moody, Chief Business Development Officer, traveled to Washington, DC to attend the 2019 ARDA Fall Conference. They will hear from two inspirational keynote speakers: Robert Genetski & Ed Henry. Robert is a world-renowned economist, consultant, teacher, author, and popular speaker. He is one of the Top 5 speakers in the field of economics and finance. Ed is an Award-Winning Political Journalist, a New York Times Best-Selling Author, and the Chief National Correspondent for FOX News. Frank & Peter will attend meetings, social functions, & keynote addresses where they will collaborate with other vacation ownership executives on current industry concerns through networking & education! 

Company Updates

October 31, 2019 – Happy Halloween! Equiant celebrated Halloween with reverse trick-or-treating & a team-building murder mystery activity. The Service Culture Committee passed out candy to all employees in the morning. Employees were randomly divided into designated time slots for the murder mystery activity. The groups had to work together and use context clues to figure out who committed the crime. The activity was not only A LOT of fun, but it enabled us to grow together through critical thinking, laughter, and problem-solving!

October 31, 2019 – On the final day of breast cancer awareness month, Equiant walked as one to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Participants were asked to write the names of friends and family affected by breast cancer on a poster board, which was held during the walk. All proceeds were donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Equiant was able to raise $460 in the fight against breast cancer!! The walk was followed with pink-themed snacks such as pink lemonade & a parfait bar for all participants. Go, fight, win eqTeam!

November 11, 2019 –  Happy Veteran’s Day! THANK YOU to all who have served for your sacrifice, bravery, & the examples you have set for us all. On Veteran’s day and every day, we honor our heroes who keep our country safe. Equiant added the names and branch of our loved ones who are or have served in the military, to the poster board, so that we could all honor them for their service. Additionally, Equiant signed the cards for our very own Veterans who served our country and helped ensure our freedom!

November 11, 2019 – Great Eastern Resort Corp. Gets Results with Equiant’s Servicing Tools: Platform, eqConnect, eqDashboard and eqLearning. Since migrating to Equiant’s loan servicing platform, Great Eastern Resorts Corp. has transformed its loan servicing department. “A year ago, we couldn’t call every account within a month, now we can contact every account in a day if we need to,” says J. Michael Stover, developer loan servicing manager for the Charlottesville, Virginia-based resort operator and developer. To learn more about Equiant’s industry-leading security and receivables servicing, call Peter Moody at (480) 636-4888. Click the link below to read the full article!

Results With Equiant’s Servicing Tools

Tech Updates

Equiant Servicing Platform Update 11.01.2019:
Loan Collections Administration – The Loan Collections Administration page under Administration on Client Central has a new configuration to build PTP accounts into daily collections.

Equiant Servicing Platform Update 11.07.2019:
All detail reports
– Updated all detail reports with a Show Fields option

Equiant Staff

Per each blog post, we will be featuring a member of our fantastic Equiant staff to learn more about their role at Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience for our clients.

  1. Name/Department: Cynthia Sullins/Operations Team Lead

  2. How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? I support Equiant’s day to day operations by entering and processing new sales & overseeing the operations processing team.

  3. How do you support Equiant’s clients day-to-day? I assist Equiant’s clients by setting up accounts, researching issues, adjusting accounts, reviewing bank deposits, payment research, & more!

  4. Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? I love it when we do any charitable events! I loved working with sunshine acres. My favorite memory is the barbeque we did this spring, it was very fun! 


11/15 – Friday Night Live Free Concert

11/16 – Mac & Cheese Festival AZ

11/17 – Downtown Donut Festival 2019

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