Accounts Receivable Servicing Solutions Powered by Cloud-based Technology

Equiant’s accounts receivable servicing solutions keep executives, portfolio managers, and lenders firmly in the driver’s seat. Called Platform as a Service (Paas), we deliver a hybrid of the traditional accounts receivables servicing model boosted by cloud-based technology that empowers our clients to take their accounts receivable servicing and management capabilities to the next level. Are you ready for take-off?

Configurable Options for Every Kind of Portfolio

Leverage our technology-powered platform to service your own portfolios


Outsource the management of your accounts receivable servicing to Equiant completely

How we Help

Accounts Receivable Servicing Solutions

Whether it is your team self-servicing on our system or our team servicing your portfolio, we understand what it takes to move your business forward in the long term. With 25+ years of accounts receivable servicing experience, our implementations process ensures we deliver the services you need on a flexible and configurable technology platform configured for the way you do business—providing you with the ultimate competitive advantage.

Periodic Billing (HOA & Membership)

Our periodic billing system is designed to support many fixed fee asset classes like HOA, membership, utility and more. You can separately track and report on multiple categories like HOA or membership fees, property taxes, special assessments, collection fees, and/or finance charges. Payments are applied to categories according to a hierarchy established by you.

Reporting & Analytics

With Equiant’s proprietary reporting platforms, you’ll reap the benefits. Our standard reporting packages provide summary and detail reports. Need static pool and installment sales reporting? No problem. Receive those reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Need to drill down and schedule custom reports? Our ad hoc reporting platform (BITS, Business Intelligence Toolset) connects to our SQL reporting database and is ready to deliver your portfolio analytics on demand.


We make it easy for your consumers to review and make payments on Equiant’s Consumer Central website and Voice Response Unit (VRU). Here, consumers can view and print payment histories, update address and phone number contact information, and opt to put in a request to receive additional information they may need. ACH payments (where permissible) and credit card payments are available through our website and VRU.

Document Custody

Equiant’s document storage and management solutions maintain the highest standards in security and compliance to give our clients peace of mind. With 24/7 monitoring and collateral reviews, we safeguard your critical documents and identify deficiencies to help mitigate costly errors. Your team can easily review content, check inventory, and control special requests with our seamless process and specialized team that is certified and at your service.

Backup Servicing

We’ve got you covered. With Equiant, our clients don’t have to worry about the safekeeping of their data. With our multi-tiered backup servicing programs, you can choose the program (cold, warm, or hot) that’s right for your business. With your data securely backed up, you’ll be able to go about your daily business knowing we are reducing the risk of data loss behind the scenes with a proven, reliable hosting network you can trust.


When it comes to securitization servicing, Equiant is more than qualified to help. We’re fluent in coordinating with all parties involved—from trustees to issuers—and understand the importance of maintaining rigid control of the portfolio while providing accurate monthly reports. Our static pool reports are flexible and configurable, incorporating multiple parameters tailored to the specific needs of the rating agency, underwriter and investment banker.

Disaster Recovery

What does your business plan to do in the case of a data disaster? Equiant’s team of IT professionals can help you strategize and implement a disaster recovery plan and alternate IT environment to ensure total operational continuity if a disaster strikes that your primary structure can’t handle. With less down-time and reduced disaster-related costs, you can count on us to help your operation run smoothly.

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