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Meghan Fisher • 3 min read
Equiant is always looking for ways to progress internally and externally. One of the ways Equiant has done this internally is by creating a Client Relations book club. The department is currently reading “The Service Culture Handbook” by Jeff Toister. They are using Jeff’s book as a guide for creating a new and improved customer service vision statement. This vision statement will be our customer service promise to all clients.
A customer service tip of the week from the author, Jeff Toister is to expand your influence. Jeff explains that companies have two options when working with frustrated and upset customers.
1. Handle the situation the way you always have If this is the route that you choose to take please be advised that the situation will most likely remain constant and the customer will become frustrated once again. eqAdd: “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results” ~Albert Einstein
2. Expand your influence as a company to work towards a better end result. This will ultimately result in a satisfied customer and prevent the situation from repeating itself. To expand your circle of influence, it is crucial to do two things: Do not fret the things you cannot control & experiment with adjusting your own behavior and mindset to improve the end result.
This customer service tip from Jeff has resonated with us all here at Equiant. Our intent is to implement these ideas & tips in our daily tasks and ultimately our customer service vision statement. Our clients are our number one priority. Equiant is committed to delighting our Clients general satisfaction and also exceeding their expectations by anticipating their needs. We feel strongly that these tips will help us realize sustainable growth and progress towards a better tomorrow
From Frank’s Desk
Frank had the following words to say about human capital & progress:
“Embedded within the core values and guiding principles of a truly successful company is the recognition and understanding that human capital is the foundation and the glue that holds all its working parts together. The definition of human capital is defined as “the value that the employees of a business provide through the application of skills, “know how” and expertise. Human capital is an organization’s secret weapon for retaining and attracting clients by proactively solving their business problems.
In a deeper sense, however, human capital is more than simply the physical labor people. It is the entire set of unique, intangible qualities each employee brings to the company that drive success. These qualities include skill, experience, teamwork, communication, creativity, personality, drive and morale character. A company’s success will be defined by its leaders that embrace, appreciate, and develop their most critical asset, human capital.” – Frank A. Morrisroe
Tech Updates
Equiant is excited to announce a new support feature within our Client Central platform. To help provide more streamlined support options for our clients, we have implemented a new support button at the top of Client Central. The support button is a quick access alternative to submit an immediate support ticket. Additionally, the button auto fills in account number, user name, and email address to create smoother user experience.
Below is a sample of the new support ticket interface:
Equiant Staff
Each blog post features a member of our fantastic Equiant talent to spotlight their role with Equiant and how they specifically create an outstanding client experience.
Name/Department: Paola Lee-McDonough/Client Relations
How does your function support Equiant’s day to day operations? Ensuring client satisfaction and creating a pleasant client experience through quick and efficient responses.
Do you work with any other Equiant departments? Yes: Software Development, Network Operations, Finance, & the Contact Center. I guess I work with everyone!
Your Favorite memory at Equiant to date? I like the team meetings we have here at Equiant, they are engaging and inclusive!
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