Use your numbers, see the results. Business intelligence software makes it easy for teams to instantly reveal business insights from complex data – any data source, any size, and all easily accessible in real-time online.

Perfect for portfolio & collection managers, lender finance, C suite, and accounting; eqDashboard provides answers and actionable BI with KPIs and metrics which allow drill down all the way to the account level. Turn complex data into beautiful dashboards with easy to understand visualizations – all with no scripting, and if you need a little help turn to our visualization documentation. No prior BI knowledge is needed.

Standard Reporting

Variety of HTML5 Data Visualizations

Ad Hoc Reporting

Self-paced Learning Videos

Standard & Custom* Dashboards

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Advanced Data Filtering

Designer License*

Incorporate & Master Multiple Data Sources*

Data Source License*

Subscription-based Pricing

Specialty Reports (Static Pools)*

Real-time collaborative dashboard access

*Additional fees may apply

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eqDashboard Subscription Service Levels

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