Dispute and Refund Policy

This dispute and refund policy applies between you (“Obligor” or “you”) and Equiant Financial Service Inc., with its principal place of business at 5401 N. Pima Road, Ste 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 (Equiant Financial Services Inc., and all of its affiliated companies collectively referred to as “Equiant” or “we” or “us”), with regard to all business between you and Equiant.  This policy is incorporated in and forms a part of the Equiant Terms and Conditions of Use, also available at www.equiant.com.

Dispute , Defined

If you dispute all or a portion of any invoice, you must provide Equiant with written notice of the dispute, containing detailed information and all reasons for such dispute, prior to the original due date for payment of the invoice.  You must pay all undisputed amounts or portions thereof by the original due date.  Such invoice dispute shall be handled pursuant to the provisions below, except that if such dispute is not mutually resolved within thirty (30) days after the original due date, Equiant may suspend services until the dispute is resolved.

In the event of a dispute regarding the business relationship between you and Equiant, the parties agree to convene a meeting (electronically or in person as mutually agreed) within 10 days after written notice of such dispute from one party to the other.  Such a meeting shall be between persons with authority to resolve the matter on behalf of each party.  If the parties are unable to mutually resolve the dispute within 20 days after said meeting, then either party may resort to litigation or any other dispute resolution method upon which eh parties may agree.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit either party from seeking immediate injunctive relief where allowed by law.


Refund Policy

Equiant provides payment processing through its Site and platform on behalf of Clients who have entered into a contractual relationship with Equiant. All payment refunds are subject to the Client’s review and authorization in order for Equiant to process any refund. Please contact the Client on your statement for further details.

Version Effective Date: January 23, 2019