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How can I learn more about how Equiant can help my company streamline our receivables servicing?

You may find our "About" and "Services" sections helpful. In addition, you may want to view our interactive brochure. However the best way to learn more is to contact us for a complimentary consultation at or 866-841-3268.

How can I inquire if Equiant is currently hiring?

Equiant Financial Services Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, is one of the largest providers of outsourcing solutions to the resort and timeshare industry. Setting the standards in performance, Equiant offers expertise, solutions, and service. Equiant employees possess the characteristics of Creativity, Spirit and Excellence in everything they do. Equiant's employees are our most important asset; we offer a competitive salary, an amazing benefits package and represent local charities and organizations actively in the community. Please contact our Human Resources Department at to find out more about employment opportunities and becoming a part of the Equiant team.

How can I submit an application for employment?

Visit our Careers page where you can download an application.

Does Equiant lend money on or purchase any receivables?

Equiant does not finance or purchase receivables, but does have relationships and contacts within many lenders across different asset classes. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Is Equiant a "new company"?

No. Equiant began as Portfolio Services, Inc. (“PSI”) in 1986 and was acquired by FINOVA Capital Corporation in 1992 and the name was changed to FINOVA Portfolio Services, Inc. (“FPSI”). In 2004, FPSI became Equiant Financial Services Inc. (Equiant) through acquisition by a private investment firm.

How big is Equiant?

Equiant services over 500,000 consumer accounts and manages a portfolio over $1.2 billion. Equiant is custodian for over 180,000 collateral files. We employ CPAs, Paralegals and Certified Project Managers. Our employees average over ten years of financial services industry experience and our average employee tenure is greater than seven years.

Does Equiant only service the timeshare market place?

Equiant has experience servicing markets and asset classes ranging from vacation ownership, membership & HOA, campground, recreational equipment, land and mobile home to musical instruments.

Who is Equiant?

We are the company that provides financial servicing for your account. Our receivables management services include payment processing, invoicing, loan servicing, dues billing, customer services, early stage collections and document custody.

What will I be able to do with my Equiant online account?

You will be able to completely manage your account online by having the ability to make payments, update your address and telephone number, access and print statements, view and print transaction history, and monitor account balances. Your online account will be accessible 24 hours a day. You may also contact us any time with inquiries or suggestions. We will respond within 2-3 business days.

I'm trying to view my account online how do I login?

On the login page you can you can enter your 12 digit Equiant account number and either the last four digits of the primary account holders Social Security Number OR the last four digits of the primary telephone number on your account. Click on the Login button and voila!

Alternatively, you can create an account with a username of your choice that you can link to your account(s). That way, you can manage any account(s) you own via a single login and password! Not to mention, once you have created your username, we offer the ability to sign up for email notifications such as Payment Reminders and SurePay Confirmations.

How do I make a payment on the website?

After you have logged in, click "Make a Payment" from the menu near the top of the screen. Select "Maintenance" or "Loan" and simply follow the prompts. When the payment has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation page and optionally, a confirmation email.

How do I set up automatic payments from my checking or credit/debit card account?

Automatic payments can be setup after you have completed Equiant's automatic payment authorization form. Contact us at if you would like Equiant to email, fax, or mail you an authorization form.

I've tried to login using the requested information and it does not work. Please help.

Double check you are using your Equiant account number. It should be 12 numbers long, no letters or symbols. Your account number can be found on your coupon book or on the top right corner of any Equiant statement. If you are using the correct account number, then email customer service at to confirm your telephone number is correct.

What if my Client Central account becomes locked?
What happens if I forget my user ID or password?
How do I unlock my user ID on Client Central?

Contact your company's Client Central Administrator. Each company has a person assigned with the ability to reset your password.

How do I access a report on Client Central?

Once you've logged into Client Central, you may download and view reports generated by the Equiant servicing system. To do this, mouse over the "Reports" menu and click "Download". A list of folders and/or individual reports will appear on the screen. The reports can be viewed using Excel (.xls or .csv files) or Adobe Reader (.pdf). PDF files appear just like the hard copy (paper) versions of the reports and are static files, meaning the data cannot be changed or reformatted like Excel files. However, you can search for specific text in a PDF by using Ctrl+F and can copy selected text from a PDF file to another format such as Word or Excel.

What if I need a custom report?

With Equiant's BITS reports you can create your own custom reports. To view Equiant's BITS Reporting, log into Client Central and mouse over the "Reports" menu and the "BITS" submenu. Business Intelligence Toolset (BITS) is an advanced web-based interface that unlocks the information in your servicing data helping to make your business more efficient and effective. Users can analyze data cubes from high-level views, and drill down in detail to isolate areas of interest. BITS displays reports in several views, including cross-tabulated grids, charts, graphs, customized HTML or the optimized SQL.

Or, contact your Client Relations Representative.

How do I upload a file to Equiant?

To upload new sales to our website, log into Client Central, mouse over the "Administration" menu and click "Content". Next to "Upload File(s)", click the number corresponding to how many files you would like to upload. Then click the "Choose File" button to select the new sales file that you want to upload. After the file is selected, click "Upload" to send the file to Equiant.

How do I access an individual account?

If you know the 12-digit Equiant account number for the account you are looking for, enter it in the "Account Number" field and then choose the page you would like to view from the "Account Lookup" menu.

If you do not know the 12-digit account number, click on "Account Lookup". Here you can search by the consumer's name, phone number, old account number, or taxpayer ID. You will be presented with a list of accounts that match your search criteria. When you find the account you are looking for, click on it to load it up.

Where do I find standard Equiant payment / transmittal forms; holiday schedules or cut off times?

To view forms, find Equiant's holiday schedule or cut off times, log into Client Central, mouse over the "Information" menu and click "Forms".

We have downloadable versions of most transmittal forms, such as the Payment Application/Adjustment form, SurePay Authorization form, etc. These forms are in either Excel (.xls) or Word format (.doc). To help you understand how to fill out these forms, pop-up instructions have been included in certain fields.