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portfolio insights

  • Risk
    Risk Factors, Value at Risk, FICO Distribution, FICO Trend, Default Predictor Correlation, Predictive Models of Default
  • Defaults
    Rolling Aging, Period Remaining Delinquency Modeling, Static Pool Analysis, Cumulative Default by Risk Factor
  • Total Return
    Lifetime Value of a Customer by FICO, What-If Analysis
  • Standard
    Trial Balance, Static Aging, Transactional, Reconciliation
  • Specialized
    Custody On-Hand & Exceptions, Call Reporting, Earned Dues

Business Intelligence Tool Set (BITS)

Hidden inside your servicing data are tools you need to make your business more efficient and effective. BITS is Equiant's Web-based interface that unlocks data, giving you instant and unprecedented access to critical information on business performance. BITS' intuitive layout gives you the ability to look at both historical and current trend analysis from a high level or to drill down to specific data in your area of interest.

Intuitive Layout

The BITS interface mimics the familiar look and feel of Microsoft® Windows Explorer. End users are instantly familiar with common shortcut bars and right mouse click functions. As a result, users get up to speed in no time.

Guided User Workflow

The guided workflow directs users through a series of analyses most appropriate for them. Based on predefined options, users can run a key business report, drill down to another level of detail, or drill across to another report that has supporting business information.

Comprehensive Reporting Views

BITS displays in several views, including cross-tabulated grids, charts, graphs, customized HTML or the optimized SQL generated by the analytical engine. Exceptional formatting, totaling and printing capabilities make it easy to create attractive reports.

From customized aging stratifications to call center volumes, BITS allows you to focus in on what’s important to your business. Portfolio Insights

Standard Reports

Standard functional reports such as Trial Balance, Transactions and Aging can be run in automated queues daily, weekly, monthly or based on special parameters allowing hundreds of reports to run unattended and monitored remotely.

Reports can be requested based on different levels (Client, Group, Project, Lender). Most reports can also be segregated by status. Reports can be backdated to run for previous periods. Equiant's system can store and report on custom user fields.